Wedding Venue

Wesley United Church

Corner of Fruitland Rd. & Highway #8

Wedding Planning Information

For your special day, we offer a Century church that is lovingly maintained so that your guests will look upon this time with fondness and a sense of joy.

Our Sanctuary has seen many moments of meaningful wedding experiences since the "new" church building was opened in 1896.

Our Wedding plan includes:

  • Use of the church
  • Ministry of Music
  • Ministry of the Word
  • Ministry of Welcome
  • The interview and completion of all information about the day
  • Contact during the time leading up to the wedding
  • A full rehearsal a day or two before the wedding
  • Completion and filing of the wedding licence information

Outstanding facilities, featuring:
The Red Brick Church that is filled with history, yet as modern as today
Easy access from the Q.E.W (Exit 83 at Fruitland Rd to Highway #8)

Seating for up to 225
Same location for over 160 years
Climate controlled facility
Chair lift available


905-643-3226 or by email at: